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Fancy Grocery Store PCC Debuts Its First Fast Casual Restaurant in Ballard

There’s also a giant octopus

The restaurant at PCC Community Markets in Ballard, with some seating and a bar. There are light wood accents and bright lighting.
PCC Community Markets in Ballard has a sit-down, counter service restaurant.
Courtesy of PCC Community Markets

Ballard denizens can now grocery shop and dine in at the same time. PCC Community Markets — which has 13 stores in the Puget Sound area — opened a new location yesterday at 1451 NW 46th Street, featuring its first fast casual restaurant. The fancy co-op’s 25-seat, counter service venue focuses on local, seasonal seafood made to order, including creamy clam chowder with bacon, seafood cioppino, and red curry-lemongrass mussels. It also serves local wine, beer, and cider.

Besides the new restaurant, PCC’s new 24,000 square-foot store has a rooftop deck with views of the Ballard bridge and an art installation with a giant octopus sculpture, an homage to the neighborhood’s maritime roots. On the deck, customers can eat food purchased from PCC’s taqueria, pizza counter, and self-serve hot and cold bars.

A giant octopus sculpture hangs from the ceiling at the new Ballard PCC Market.
Octopus sculpture at the Ballard PCC.
Courtesy of PCC Community Markets

With Trader Joe’s a few blocks away, Whole Foods continuing its own expansion in the city, and H Mart selling opening more locations, PCC has plenty of competition. The co-op recently debuted a location in West Seattle, and plans to open new stores in Bellevue, Madison Valley, and downtown Seattle as well.