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New Natural Wine Bar Brings Champagne Bongs and Frojolais to Capitol Hill

La Dive opens this weekend on Pike Street

A glass of frozen red wine on a pink bar with a menu that says La Dive.
Frozen beaujolais (frojolais) at La Dive.
Danielle Sadler

Looks like the frojalais is here to stay. La Dive — a new, laid-back bar on Capitol Hill focusing on natural wine, boozy slushies, and elevated bar snacks — officially opens to the public Friday, after a couple of preview events this week. The initial menu includes a variety of hand-harvested, unfiltered whites, roses, and reds (plus frozen versions), alongside bites such as chicken liver pashtet with hard boiled egg, sardine toasts, and potato dumplings with adjika, butter, and cilantro. There will also be a chambong (yes, a champagne bong) that can be filled with bubbly or Miller High Life, for those who really want to party.

The space itself has made the most out of the former Other Coast Cafe location, with booths, tables, bar seating, and an elaborate, psychedelic mural along the walls. Co-owner Kate Opatz — who co-runs neighborhood favorites Montana and Nacho Barracho — has mapped out the drinks menu, while Ani Custer (from the Garbage People Love Wine pop-up), and David Gurwitz (from Spinasse and Lark) round out the team.

This new spot follows an increasing trend of bars in Seattle leaning into natural wine, with Belltown’s Vinnie’s Raw Bar opening earlier this year and L’Oursin on First Hill also pushing such selections on its menu. In general, natural wines are from producers that don’t use pesticides or other unnatural interventions in the winemaking process, but more detailed definitions can get complicated. La Dive mixes in some colder variations, but the vibe still seems warm and welcoming.

La Dive

721 East Pike Street, , WA 98122 Visit Website