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After 75 Years, the U District’s Mom and Pop Seafood Market Will Close Soon

Plus, Belltown’s bar power couple plans a new brewpub and a local baker goes viral with a Baby Yoda cookie hack

The fish-shaped sign for University Seafood and Poultry in the U District.
University Seafood and Poultry has been around for four generations.
Joel Sparks

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U District’s Seafood Market and Poultry Will Close New Year’s Eve

So long, and thanks for all the fish. After 75 years in business, the U District’s iconic market University Seafood and Poultry will close December 31, per the Seattle Times. Husband and wife co-owners, Dale and Jeanette Erickson (aged 91 and 89, respectively), are retiring and have no plans to turn over the business. The shop was well-known for its excellent seafood, which was once shipped to the White House during the Reagan administration, and has served the likes of Kirk Douglas, the late Seattle sports mogul Walter Schoenfeld, and pop star Yanni. It also gained a reputation for selling unusual land animal meats, including iguana, ground camel, and python, as well as an eel named Eli that was stuffed and mounted in the store.

No Anchor Moguls Plan Huge New Brewpub

Seattle’s beer scene will have an intriguing new destination in 2020. According to Seattle Met, cocktail power couple Christopher and Anu Elford (who own Belltown’s acclaimed No Anchor, Vinnie’s Raw Bar, and Rob Roy) are planning to open a brewpub called Here Today next to the former Old Spaghetti Factory building, overlooking the waterfront on Clay Street. One of their partners is Averie Swanson, formerly of Austin brewery Jester King and Master Cicerone (the highest certification a brewer can get). Consulting on the food side is up-and-comer Cam Hanin, who runs the well-attended fermented pizza pop-up Guerrilla Pizza Kitchen. Beer fans can expect the place to open sometime next summer.

Local Amateur Baker Goes Viral for Baby Yoda Cookie Hack

The Force is strong with this one. Last week, Seattle-based amateur baker Katy Atakturk (a geologist by day) made some modifications to a holiday-themed angel cookie mold and created a dessert-themed Baby Yoda for her office. When she posted the creation on Instagram, the world embraced it. Not only did the post go viral on social media, but Access Hollywood featured it on a recent segment and several mainstream news outlets posted “how to” articles based on it. Could this be the launch of a professional baking career? “I love my work as a geologist too much to give it up for baking full time,” she tells Eater Seattle. “It was on my bucket list to create a post that would go viral, and I honestly hadn’t considered anything bigger than that.”