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The Property Housing Iconic Diner Beth’s Cafe Is For Sale

Just the building — not the restaurant itself

Beth’s Cafe/Official

The property housing longtime Green Lake diner Beth’s Cafe is up for sale, reports the Stranger.

A parcel of land that runs from 7307 to 7323 Aurora Avenue N is listed on Redfin, covering the buildings housing Beth’s Cafe, Duck Island Ale House (under the same ownership as Beth’s Cafe), and a lawnmower store at the corner of Winona Avenue N.

The price tag for the 15,280 square foot plot is a hefty $6 million, with the real estate listing suggesting that the site is ripe for development, noting that the property would likely be eligible for a 68 unit mixed-use development.

The listing doesn’t immediately impact the diner, which has been slinging omelets, burgers, and hash browns since 1954. The general manager of Beth’s Cafe told the Stranger that there are no plans to close. However, if the land is sold, the diner’s future could be put in the hands of a developer.

Beth's Cafe

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