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Seafood Restaurant Salty’s Will Get a Giant Sea-Tac Airport Location

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Also recently announced for the airport is a new brewpub

King salmon at Salty’s

The Port of Seattle giveth, and the Port of Seattle taketh away: just after announcing that 12 eateries at Sea-Tac airport would get the chop, the airport’s administration dropped the names of more new restaurants planned.

Most notable is a hefty two-level location for local seafood restaurant Salty’s, first reported in the Seattle Times. The airport is directly replacing a larger local chain with something smaller scale here: Salty’s, which has locations in Alki, Redondo Beach (Washington), and Portland, will take over the space of seafood chain Anthony’s. Despite strong sales, the Anthony’s location on the north side of the central terminal will close at the end of March.

Also headed to the airport is a new concept, Ballard Brew Hall. A craft beer bar, it’s billed as “reflecting the best of Seattle’s craft beer scene”. It appears to have no direct affiliation with any one brewery (including the Ballard Beer Company), and it’s not immediately clear why it’s named for that neighborhood. In any case, expect beer and probably pub food.

Already confirmed for Sea-Tac are local-ish names like Skillet, Salt & Straw Ice Cream, Sunset Fried Chicken Sandwiches, and Skillet. A new restaurant, Floret, from the owners of vegetarian favorite Cafe Flora, is already up and running.

Skillet should be in place sometime around the end of March, along with Vietnamese restaurant Bambuza, and coffee shop Caffe d’Arte. Renovations will be ongoing for a few more years, with many of the new dining options slated for 2020.

Salty's on Alki

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