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Ethan Stowell’s Pizza Company Can’t Cut It In South Lake Union

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Plus, Ballard is getting a wizard-themed bar and wand shop, Kirkland’s Heathman hotel is changing its restaurant, and more news

Ballard Pizza Company closed its South Lake Union location.
Ballard Pizza Company/Facebook

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  • Ballard Pizza Company has closed in South Lake Union. The Ethan Stowell-owned restaurant struggled to attract business beyond the Amazon-induced lunch rush. Stowell still operates his Ballard and Frelard pizza restaurants.
  • Kirkland’s Heathman Hotel is replacing its Trellis restaurant with a new spot called Hearth. As the name indicates, the menu will revolve around food cooked over a traditional hearth oven. Trellis closed March 22,and Hearth is expected to debut sometime this spring.
  • Ballard Ave is getting a wizard-themed pub called The Splintered Wand. Patrons can soon get boozed up before shopping for a wand from Piscataqua & Balch, which selects the wood for each wand based on the buyer’s birthday. Each creation is then infused with a magic essence.
  • In sad news for the entire Seattle restaurant industry, Toronado beer bar owner Matt Bonney died over the weekend. Bonney was well respected in the industry; before he opened Toronado, he helped bring Bottleworks, Brouwer’s Cafe, and Burgundian to prominence.

Trellis Restaurant

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