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The Wait Is Finally Over for This Korean Fried Chicken Sensation

Bonchon opened on First Hill over the weekend, but the hours and menu are limited for now

Bonchon is bringing its Korean fried chicken empire to First Hill.

The highly anticipated arrival of Korean fried chicken chain Bonchon is finally here. The popular chain opened its First Hill restaurant over the weekend, though it’s holding limited hours with a smaller menu for now. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from lining up out the door for the likes of double-fried wings, drumsticks, chicken tenders, and Korean dishes like bibimbap, pork buns, and rice cakes.

The restaurant is calling this protracted launch a “soft opening,” with no word yet on when the full hours and menu will arrive. According to Capitol Hill Seattle, the restaurant’s hours are currently 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and 5 to 8 p.m. every day except Sunday. But, those hours could change as the gradual roll-out continues.

Bonchon’s arrival in Seattle was first teased back in January 2018. For months, the Facebook page for the location at 554 Broadway has posted tantalizing food photos without any word of when the restaurant would open. Fans continually expressed their dismay in the comments, lamenting the lack of communication on the opening.

Bonchon’s fast-casual business began in South Korea in 2002 and has sprouted some 200 franchises around the world, including in New York, Hawaii, and Texas. The menu of fried chicken is accompanied by takoyaki, Korean tacos, pork buns, rice cakes and fish cakes (tteokbokki), bibimbap, udon soup, and chicken katsu.


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