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New Capitol Hill Pop-Up Featuring Friends of Rising Chef Serves Unique Eats

Musang’s Melissa Miranda co-launches Ate Mel and Friends

A new Capitol Hill pop-up will debut with Cambodian food, including grilled corn with coconut milk and fish sauce.

Affordable dishes, distinctive flavors, a low-key vibe. That’s the general concept behind Ate Mel and Friends, a pop-up launching tonight from 6pm to 9pm at the trendy lounge and Thai restaurant Sugar Hill in Capitol Hill. On the menu will be Cambodian food, including grilled corn with coconut milk and fish sauce, and homemade pickled vegetables, all priced below $5. Star chef-in-the-making Melissa Miranda — who launched her own hugely popular Filipino brunch pop-up Musang — is collaborating with Sugar Hill on the event. No tickets needed to walk in the door.

Miranda recruited her buddy Seng Hieu Pho (who also goes by the awesome stage name DJ Phosho) to cook the food for Ate Mel and Friends’ debut. And if all goes well, she plans to continue the pop-up as a monthly or bi-monthly series, possibly recruiting some other pals — including sous chef Justin Legaspi from Renee Erickson’s French steakhouse Bateau — to develop future menus. Miranda will help with some of the prep and cooking, but intends to let her friends run the show, while Sugar Hill plays host.

Ate Mel and Friends (named after a Filipino phrase denoting respect for an older sister) joins an increasingly-crowded pop-up scene in Seattle. But Miranda has navigated that landscape well so far. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Musang will move from its temporary spot at Bar del Corso to a permanent outpost in Beacon Hill sometime this fall.