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Bad News for Seattle Restaurants? Customer Reviews May Be Affected By Bad Weather

Plus, Ezell’s Famous Chicken expands and Starbucks follows through on needle-disposal plan

A recent study showed that some restaurant customers are apt to leave more negative comments when it’s rainy.

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Foul weather seems to make customers more critical

Not to cast a dark cloud or anything, but a recent study from Ohio State University found that customers at restaurants left more negative feedback on comment cards on days when it was raining versus days it was dry. In the interest of defending Seattle’s rainy honor, it’s important to note that the study was conducted on just 32 restaurants in Florida and conclusions appear more related to a customer’s mood than the actual weather itself, though the general thesis was backed by two separate online studies in other areas of the country. Well, at least it’s spring now?

Ezell’s readies expansion to Federal Way — and beyond

Iconic Seattle fast food franchise Ezell’s Famous Chickenbeloved by Oprah — is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year with big ambitions. According to the Seattle Times, the fried chicken chain plans to open its 14th Seattle location in Federal Way this June, and co-founder Lewis Rudd hints that the company may have its eye on expanding elsewhere in the U.S. soon. Ezell’s is also founding its own nonprofit, with funds recently going to a restorative justice program.

Starbucks implements needle program across U.S.

Starbucks has followed through on an initiative to install needle-disposal boxes inside its cafe restrooms in 25 markets across the country, including Seattle. The company had announced the plan back in January after thousands of employees signed a petition urging the company to take action over drug use in bathrooms and unsafe working conditions. In 2018, two employees at a Eugene, Oregon, Starbucks were stuck with hypodermic needles within a month of each other, sparking a government investigation.

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