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Ballard Viking Enthusiasts Will Soon Get a New Drinking Hall

Plus, Capitol Hill bagel pop-up Loxsmith finds another landing spot and an area local survives “MasterChef Junior” for another week

Skål Beer Hall in Ballard will open to the public on April 10.

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Vikings, mead and meat come to Ballard

For those who dig pelts and horned helmets, the highly-anticipated Skål Beer Hall will finally open to the public on April 10 in the Ballard spot that once housed People’s Pub. The place has been in the works since last year, with chef and distiller Lexi (who only goes by that singular name) making contributions. Customers should expect Nordic-inspired beers, a huge fireplace, big communal tables and mead (of course), with food such as venison and sausage. For those who want to get in before the marauders descend, Skål is currently hosting a series of ticketed preview events, available for Mug Club Members only.

Bagels up on the hill

After working out of Western-themed bar Montana in March, popular bagel pop-up Loxsmith has found a new home in Capitol Hill, setting up shop in the Greek cafe Vios Cafe and Marketplace, starting this Sunday, April 7. Vios is usually closed on Sundays, but the new addition will have it open for business at prime breakfast hours in a busy location. And in a city with a dearth of good bagel options, it’s always good to hear that a solid spot like Loxsmith can land on its feet.

Young master makes her move

And a shout out goes to local hero Sadie Suskind, the 12-year-old cooking phenom from Seattle who survived another week of Gordon Ramsay’s withering remarks on FOX’s “MasterChef Junior” last night. Tom Douglas is already impressed.

Skal Beer Hall

5429 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 Visit Website