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Portland’s Popular Burger Chain Continues Its Seattle Expansion

Little Big Burger will soon open its Capitol Hill and Green Lake restaurants

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Little Big Burger will soon open its Capitol Hill and Green Lake restaurants.
Little Big Burger/Facebook

Portland-born Little Big Burger, which opened its first Seattle restaurant in Wallingford last October, is getting closer to adding its long-awaited locations in Green Lake and Capitol Hill.

The Capitol Hill location (1200 E Pike St) should be open in mid-April, and the Green Lake outpost (7130 Woodlawn Ave NE) will be ready by early May. All told, Little Big Burger hopes to add 10 restaurants in the Seattle area, though it’s moving pretty slowly toward that goal.

The Seattle expansion has experienced its share of challenges, particularly at the Green Lake restaurant. That location was originally supposed to be the first to open here but ended up with a notice to vacate due to unpaid rent. The company eventually resolved the problem and things are apparently back on track.

Little Big Burger prides itself on high-quality burgers with regionally sourced ingredients, like Cascade Farms beef from Washington, local brioche buns, Tillamook cheese, and Camden’s Catsup. The company was founded in Portland in 2010 and has 12 Oregon locations, plus a presence in Austin, San Diego, and Charlotte.