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Pike Place Market’s New Chocolate Shop Opens Next Weekend [Updated]

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Joe Chocolate Co.’s factory and espresso bar starts selling in the former Local Color cafe space

Joe Chocolate Co./Facebook

Pike Place Market’s newest artisan arrives on Saturday, June 1, with the opening of Joe Chocolate Co., a chocolate bark factory and espresso bar. Visitors can buy espresso from Lighthouse Roasters, pastries, chocolate drinks, and ice cream sandwiches, along with the company’s signature dark chocolate bark — which comes loaded with almonds, salted caramel, and coffee. The company packages its bark in 2.5-oz bags, which the cafe will sell along with bark by the pound. Similar to the Market’s Beecher’s Handmade Cheese factory and store, the new shop has views into the production area so visitors can scope out the chocolate making process.

Unlike the Market’s Indi Chocolate, Tanner and Keckemet don’t make their chocolate from cacao beans—an intensive process that involves several additional pieces of equipment. Instead, they start with pre-made dark chocolate, which they source sustainably and ethically, as certified by a third-party. They also use ethically sourced palm oil and organic ingredients when possible.

The new shop (1606 Pike Place) will take over the space formerly occupied by the Local Color cafe, which Joe Chocolate Co. owners Sam Tanner and Peter Keckemet have been operating since last spring until they closed it down earlier this year, transitioning to the new venture.

Updated 5/24/19, 7:15 a.m.: The story was updated to reflect the shop’s new opening day of June 1.