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Wallingford’s Country-Western Themed Burger Spot Closes After Two Years

Wallyburger thanks the neighborhood in its goodbye message, but hints at a new venture

Wallyburger aimed to offer high-quality burgers at wallet-friendly prices.

Sad news for Wallingford burger fans. The country-western themed Wallyburger — which had slung its grass fed Gebbers beef patties in the neighborhood for the past two years — suddenly announced that it’s closing this week in messages across its official website and social media accounts. No reason was given for the closure, but the restaurant said to stay tuned for a “another venture here in the fall,” perhaps hinting that the owner, Gary Reynolds, is holding onto the space. Eater Seattle reached out to Wallyburger for more details and will update this post as they come in.

Wallingford resident Reynolds — who also owns the well-known Electrokitty Recording Studio and the popular retro bar Revolver in Capitol Hill — launched Wallyburger in 2017, hoping that its high-quality burgers at low prices (all under $10), along with a rustic kitsch setting, would help it compete with some of the other big burger places around town. In addition to the beef, shakes, and fried chicken, the spot also served up a satisfying vegan patty and created a good amount of buzz when it first opened. But it also had to contend with Seattle’s iconic Dick’s Drive-In down the road, as well as the highly popular Uneeda Burger in nearby Fremont.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, there didn’t seem to be much outward indication that Wallyburger was on the verge of closing (it announced extended hours for the summer on its Facebook page May 12). But, over Memorial Day weekend, there was a sign on the window of the restaurant that read, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have decided to take the summer off. Thank you for your patronage. See you in the fall.”

If the newest message about the closure is any indication, Reynolds may not quite be walking into the Wallingford sunset just yet.


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