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Kent Residents Fight Tooth and Nail to Save Dick’s Drive-In From Demolition

Plus, a rare steak comes to Bellevue and a new barrel-aged beer makes its Seattle debut

Dick’s Drive-In in Kent may be torn down to make room for a light-rail maintenance station.
Dick’s Drive-In Official

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Kent residents fight to save Dick’s Drive-In

On Thursday, a crucial decision may affect burger lovers in Kent. Sound Transit’s board is about to vote on where to build a light-rail maintenance base for the area — and Dick’s Drive-In may be razed to make room. The location of the hugely popular fast food burger chain — the only one south of Seattle — just opened in December, but residents are already attached. Thousands of people spoke up in support of Dick’s since Sound Transit announced the list of proposed demolition sites, and it seems like the power of the people may work. One board member in neighboring Des Moines is proposing an amendment to save Dick’s from the wrecking ball. The Kent light-rail station is planned for 2024, with the base constructed two years after that.

UPDATE: May 10, 2019, 12:50pm: On Thursday night, the Sound Transit board voted unanimously to take Dick’s Drive-in off the list of potential demolition spots, but the final confirmation vote won’t take place until May 23.

Super rare steak comes to Bellevue

Meat nerds may want to check out what’s happening at the critically-acclaimed John Howie Steak in Bellevue this week. For a limited time, Chef Mark Hipkiss is serving up 6-8 oz portions of an extraordinary steak: the Takamori Wagyu (also known as “drunken” wagyu, so nicknamed because the cattle it comes from are fed sake mash from the Dassai-Ashi brewery). The special feeding program results in an especially tender cut, with a rich flavor and subtle sweetness. At $175-200 per portion, it’s not exactly easy on the wallet by any stretch, but carnivores who can’t resist a rare, luxury experience should jump on the opportunity soon, since the Takamori Wagyu has been served in only a handful of other restaurants in the U.S. and the John Howie supply won’t last long.

The Takamori Wagyu, known for its delicate flavor and high quality of marbling.
Courtesy of John Howie Steak

Seattle gets a barrel-aged lager that’s not too boozy

Western Standard brings its bourbon barrel-aged lager to the Pacific Northwest.
Courtesy of Western Standard

Just in time for Seattle Beer Week, there’s a new brew in town. Western Standard — a bourbon barrel-aged lager made from acclaimed whiskey distillers High West — has arrived in the area. The beer has already been given some kudos after launching last year, and is available in five other states (including neighboring Oregon and Idaho). Western Standard was inspired by pre-prohibition German lagers that were often delivered in oak barrels, and though most barrel-aged beers tend to be on the boozy side, Western Standard is relatively light at a 5.2% ABV. Customers can find the beer at The Whisky Bar in Belltown, Star Brass Works Lounge in Georgetown, and a few retailers around the city, such as WinCo Foods.

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