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Seattle’s Iconic Ginger Beer Chain Heads to Amazon Land, With Bubbly Cosmos

Rachel’s Ginger Beer announces its plan to open up near the Spheres

Rachel’s Ginger Beer is trying out new drinks, including a Cosmo and CBD slushies.
Courtesy of Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Those gawking at the Amazon Spheres will soon have another great refreshment option nearby. Rachel’s Ginger Beer — the uber popular Seattle chain that serves the iconic, peppery namesake drink, along with floats and boozy slushies — is preparing a spot on the corner of Lenora and 7th Avenue, right across from Jeff Bezos’ glassy orbs. Though the exact timing hasn’t been determined yet, expect it to arrive sometime later this summer or fall. The announcement was made via a cute video on Instagram, featuring owner Rachel Marshall and her “advisors” (her partner, Adam, and their two kids, Wyatt and Huck).

In a recent Seattle Met article, Marshall said the new location will have a similar vibe to the other Rachel’s Ginger Beer spots (colorful art on the walls, plants everywhere, Ma’ono Fried Chicken on the menu), but may add more robust cocktail offerings, including a new, bubbly cosmopolitan. Also, the chain has been experimenting with CBD-infused slushies — a raspberry-flavored one has just arrived for ordering — but it’s still uncertain whether those will make the trip to Lenora.

This will be the fourth location for Rachel’s Ginger Beer — on Eater’s list of 38 Essential Seattle Restaurants — joining outposts in the U Village, Pike Place Market, and Capitol Hill (where the CBD slushies currently reside). In an area that tends to shut down after the working day is done, another cool drink spot besides the Spheres’ own Deep Dive could be a go-to oasis for Amazon workers needing to mellow out.