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Central District Brew Pub Changes Name, But Keeps the Cask Ales Flowing

Machine House Brewery’s Central District location is now called The Capercaillie

Machine House Brewery’s Central District location is now called The Capercaillie.
The Capercaillie/Facebook

The Central District’s Machine House Brewing brewpub, an offshoot of the Georgetown brewery, has changed its name to The Capercaillie, a result in a change in ownership. The pub still concentrates largely on cask ales, particularly those from Machine House. Patrons probably won’t notice many other changes beyond the name.

Machine House’s ownership structure has changed a bit, with founding owners Bill Arnott and Alex Brenner parting ways. Arnott now solely owns Machine House Brewing, while Brenner is concentrating his efforts on The Capercaillie. For his part, Brenner hasn’t made any major changes to the pub, though he is adding events like trivia nights and all-day happy hours. Machine House opened the Central District spot just last July.

The taps at The Capercaillie still largely pour beer from Machine House, like the brewery’s stinging nettle amber, oyster stout, single hop Comet pale, imperial stout, and winter warmer. Machine House, founded in Georgetown in 2013, specializes in cask ales, which are naturally re-fermented in the serving vessel and therefore don’t carry the hefty artificial fizz of most modern beers. The cool “cellar temperature” they’re served at — around 50 to 55 degres — also means these beers aren’t ice-cold, which can put off unfamiliar drinkers but also allows fuller flavors and aromas to express themselves. And many are “sessionable,” with a lower-than-average alcohol by volume — they might stick close to 4 percent rather than 7 or higher — which allows a customer to drink several over a session.

Machine House Brewery

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The Capercaillie

1315 E. Jefferson St., Seattle,