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Popular Seattle Area Brewery Opens Up a Huge New Taproom in Woodinville

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Black Raven is pouring its award-winning IPAs, stouts, and sours in a spot that seats more than 100

Black Raven’s new Woodinville taproom is more spacious than its Redmond location.
Courtesy of Black Raven Brewing Co.

Looks like a major Seattle area brewing company is spreading its wings. The Redmond-based Black Raven Brewing Company — known for its easy-drinking IPAs, along with a wide variety of other award-winning beers that crowd the shelves at local markets — recently opened its second taproom in Woodinville. The new spot offers more space for customers than the Redmond locations, with seating for about 100 people and capacity for 220 overall. Beers currently on tap include the Eastside Story Hazy Pale (a collaboration with 7 Eastside breweries that has special malt from Skagit Valley), a Feather Fall Saison, and the summer IPA BeakTweaker, brewed with lemon peel, orange peel, and dried limes.

Right now, the Woodinville taproom is still in its initial preview phase and only open from Friday through Sunday, with extended hours coming soon (kids are also welcome up until 7 p.m., as opposed to the Redmond location, which doesn’t allow minors). There’s no kitchen, but a Black Raven representative tells Eater Seattle that it is working on getting food trucks into the picture. In addition, this expansion — which includes some massive brewing equipment capable of quadrupling production — will help Black Raven increase not just its Seattle imprint, but distribution in other markets, including Hawaii. All this comes just in time for its 10-year anniversary. Not a bad way to celebrate.

Black Raven Brewing Company

15920 Woodinville-Redmond Rd NE, Woodinville, WA 98072