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Downtown Filipino Diner Ludi’s Restaurant and Lounge Re-opens After Fire

Plus, Everett’s bikini baristas may take dress code case to the Supreme Court and Beth’s Cafe gets vandalized

A bird’s eye view of various Filipino breakfast dishes at Ludi’s Restaurant and Lounge, including ube pancakes and corned beef silog.
Ludi’s specializes in Filipino breakfast and brunch dishes.
Esra Erol for Eater

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Downtown Filipino Diner Ludi’s Restaurant and Lounge Re-opens After Fire

Good news for those who want to give a longtime favorite a proper farewell. A week after a kitchen fire forced the decades-old Ludi’s Restaurant and Lounge on Pike Street to shut down, it looks like the downtown Filipino diner will re-open today — even though it will likely have to close again for good when its lease is up at the end of the month. The restaurant posted a message on Facebook announcing that it would have a fully stocked bar, along with some limited menu items such as ube pancakes (by Happy Yammi), doughnuts, grilled sandwiches, and oatmeal. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve received over the last week,” wrote owner Gregorio Rosas. “From those who dropped off lunches, coffee, or simply stopped in to quickly say hi while we worked hard to get back to operating conditions … a Facebook post cannot describe our appreciation.”

Everett’s Bikini Baristas May Start Prepping for Supreme Court Fight

Could the highest court in the land decide on a local dress code controversy? The female drive-thru coffee stand workers known as “bikini baristas” believe an Everett, WA, dress code ordinance that requires them to wear tank top and shorts violates their First Amendment rights. Though a panel of judges on the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals sided with Everett in the case earlier this summer, the baristas have petitioned for a rehearing. If that effort fails, their lawyer claims they may ask the Supreme Court to hear their case. This feud goes back ten years, when the Everett police department began cracking down on bikini barista operations in the city after investigating the stands for prostitution complaints. The city decided to take legislative action through the ordinance, setting up a Constitutional showdown — which appears to be just getting started.

Belligerent Customer Throws “No Parking” Sign Through Iconic Cafe’s Window

Late Sunday night, a man who got into an argument at the 24-hour diner Beth’s Cafe in North Seattle smashed the restaurant’s window with a “No Parking” sign. One manager at the restaurant told the Seattle Times that the sign thrower and his friend dinged up a car in the parking lot, then got mad when someone criticized them for it. The restaurant threw the two men out of the place for fighting, and shortly afterwards, the sign went hurtling through the window, almost hitting a hostess, as broken glass scattered near some customers. Surveillance footage captured the scary scene, but the suspect is still at large (and the replacement window should be installed tomorrow).

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