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Ballard’s Paleo Restaurant Closes Temporarily for Menu and Interior Changes

Carnivore will reopen on September 18 after more than a month

A steak at Carnivore in Ballard
Ballard’s Carnivore restaurant is temporarily closed for menu and interior changes.

Ballard’s paleo-leaning restaurant Carnivore temporarily closed earlier this month. When it reopens on September 18, the name and general focus will remain the same, but there will be new bar and food menus and an updated interior after repairs and aesthetic changes.

Carnivore opened in June 2017 with a focus on the trendy paleo diet, which suggests humans have ruined their diet with modern food advances in recent centuries and need to return to ancestral sustenance that eschews GMOs and grains like wheat and focuses on heaps of organic and pastured meats.

Executive chef Michelle Heinrich Pegues will continue that focus with new menu items, like from-scratch, gluten-free pasta; paleo foccacia bread; and Carmen Ranch beef cheeks with red wine demi, wild mushrooms, charred roots, and crushed fingerlings. The bar menu is getting an overhaul too, and will see new from-scratch sodas in flavors like root beer, vanilla cream, cola, ginger, and lemon-lime, plus new cocktails like the Blood of My Enemies, a combination of charred peppers and onions, clarified heirloom tomato juice, vodka, gin, confit lemon, and a dried bison swizzle.


5313 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 Visit Website

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