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Fancy H Mart Offshoot Just Opened Its First US Store in South Lake Union

District H has dumpling and grill stations, in addition to Korean groceries

Flowers and balloons at the entrance of District H, part of the H Mart family. The logo is in white with a red letter “H.”
District H is smaller than H Mart, but offers more higher-end groceries.
Gabe Guarente for Eater

There’s an intriguing new supermarket in Amazon land. On Thursday, the Korean grocery chain H Mart debuted its new store, District H, at 101 Terry Avenue, tucked inside a new condo complex on a quiet South Lake Union block. District H is a higher-end offshoot of H Mart, with locations in Korea and Canada — but this is its first US outpost. It joins a growing H Mart empire in Western Washington, including outposts in the U District, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Federal Way, and Lakewood. Another (regular ol’ fashioned) H Mart will finally arrive in downtown Seattle on Second Avenue and Pine Street by the end of September, after years of planning and construction.

An aisle at the grocery store District H in South Lake Union.
An aisle at the new District H.
Gabe Guarente
Shelves at District H, filled with kimchi packets and other Korean goods.
District H has similar offerings to other H Marts, with a few higher end products.
Gabe Guarente for Eater

Since District H is smaller than the company’s other markets, with a slightly different logo and a sleeker look, casual observers may not even realize its part of the same H Mart family. But inside there are many of the same products that shoppers can find at the non-fancy H Marts, including several varieties of kimchi, Korean snacks, milk teas, produce, and other Asian goods. A quick glance around the store reveals a few upscale products, such as expensive kitchen appliances, pricey chocolates, and premium cuts of meat.

A view of a grill counter at the new District H.
The grill station serves short ribs, chicken, pork, and squid, with rotating seasonal vegetables.
Gabe Guarente for Eater
A view of seating by the steam station at H District, with a view looking out onto the street.
There’s some seating for customers who want to dine in.
Gabe Guarente for Eater

There are also new mini food court options inside the store: a grill station (serving up short ribs, spicy pork, and squid) and a steam station (offering kimchi, beef, and vegetable dumplings), along with some seating for those who want to take a lunch break from shopping. A fairly robust bakery features croissants, buns, and other goods from Tous Les Jours, a South Korean franchise (which is at the Bellevue H Mart as well).

Perhaps the coolest shelf? Socks featuring cartoon versions of Korean boy band BTS. An impulse purchase, no doubt.

A view of a grocery store shelf displaying Korean rice crackers, cartons of milk, and other beverages.
Shelves stocked with Korean rice crackers, banana milk, and other Asian specialties.
Gabe Guarente for Eater
A view of the “Grab and Go” section, displaying beverages and shelves of food.
Grab and go items include poke.
Gabe Guarente for Eater
A display of socks that have various cartoon and anime characters on them.
There’s an assortment of non-grocery items in the store, including a section for socks.
Gabe Guarente for Eater