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Longtime Coffee Shop Bauhaus Will Soon Open New Capitol Hill Location

The Ballard cafe will return to its original neighborhood with a second, more modern outpost

A mug of latte sits on a wooden counter next to a green desk lamp.
Bauhaus has plenty of history in Capitol Hill.

Good news for fans of a Seattle coffee mainstay. The beloved Bauhaus in Ballard is planning a new outpost in Capitol Hill at 515 Harvard Ave E, which it hopes to open by the end of the month.

As Capitol Hill Seattle details nicely, Bauhaus had a long and proud history in the neighborhood. When it first opened in 1993, it was during the heart of coffee’s so-called Second Wave, where shops took the culture from the mass-produced ethos of the mid-19th century into a more specialized era, emphasizing the flavor of carefully-roasted beans and the community of cafes. Bauhaus was among the more prominent, independently-owned places at the forefront of that scene. Its space on Melrose and Pine had a lived-in, used book store feel to it, and its roasts were as strong as advertised.

But, in 2015, financial troubles for Bauhaus founder Joel Radin led to the sudden closings of the shops in Capitol Hill, Ballard, and Green Lake. A year later, Bauhaus reopened the Ballard location, and it has stood as the sole outpost ever since.

Now Bauhaus has some new life, although longtime fans may notice some small differences from its Capitol Hill heyday. Instead of the more shaggy vibe of the old location, the new spot will be smaller and have a more modern look. It will also serve beer and wine (along with a few salads and sandwiches for takeout). But there will still be the same popular espressos, coffee, and lattes from the Ballard spot, and many of the same pastries from La Toscanella Bakery. There will also be an old Apple computer and a few books lying around, for those feeling nostalgic.