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You Can Buy Iconic Greasy Spoon Beth’s Cafe for $685,000

The Green Lake restaurant comes with a 10-year lease

A giant omelette topped with toast for scale from Beth’s Cafe
A 12-egg omelette from Beth’s Cafe
Beth’s Cafe/Facebook

When the property housing Beth’s Cafe went up for sale in February, it was unclear what that meant for iconic diner’s future, but now two businesses ⁠— Beth’s (and its accompanying bakery) and Duck Island Ale House — are for sale. The current asking price is $685,000 for the businesses at 7311 Aurora Avenue in Green Lake.

Beth’s is known for 24-hour service and classic diner fare like burgers, pancakes, and sandwiches. It features a massive 12-egg omelette that has garnered attention from TV shows like the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food (host Adam Richman could not finish the omelette).

According to the listing, owner Chris Dalton is selling the businesses due to “health issues.” The sale comes with a 10-year lease. Dalton shared with Eater that the properties did not sell back in February because the 15,280 square-foot plot was a bit small and “money is tight for projects of that size.”

A form has also surfaced, quizzing potential buyers or investors on their interest in the building.

Beth’s Cafe opened as a gambling parlor in 1954, but owners Beth and Harold Eisenstadt turned it into a beloved, quirky greasy spoon. Current owner Dalton purchased the business in 2002.

Beth's Cafe

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