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The bar and bar stools at Bar Taglio downtown.

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Bainbridge Island’s Star Chef Opens His Downtown Seattle Pizzeria Today

Bar Taglio serves Roman-style pizza, Italian wine, and cocktails

Bar Taglio serves Roman-style pizza, Italian wine, and cocktails
| Suzi Pratt

Chef Brendan McGill’s mini-empire grows today with the opening of his new Roman-style pizzeria downtown, Bar Taglio. The Bainbridge Island chef serves his take on classics like square pizza, sold by the cut, and accompaniments like antipasti, salumi, cheeseboards, meatballs, and salads. The pizzas will have toppings like lobster mushrooms, potato, salami, and arugula grown on McGill’s Shady Acres Farm. Entree options include double lamb chop with anchovy-vinegar-garlic-rosemary emulsion and roasted, pork and beef meatballs, and Manila clams in aqua pazza with focaccia.

There’s plenty of Italian influence in the drinks, too, with Italian wines, spirits, and cocktails making up the bulk of the menu. There’s also an espresso machine, which means diners can order caffè corretto—espresso with a splash of grappa or amaro.

The space (822 First Ave) skews mid-century modern, with features like a 30-foot bar of tambour oak and walnut, embossed leather bar stools, bronze shelves, marble counters, and walnut veneer walls. As of today, the restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Bar Taglio’s interior, with cafe tables and a wood floor
Bar Taglio’s interior skews mid-century modern.
Suzi Pratt

Bar Taglio isn’t McGill’s first foray into pizza, but his other pizzeria, Bainbridge Island’s Bruciato, serves thin-crust Neapolitan-style pies. The chef has drawn wide acclaim for his original Bainbridge Island spot, Hitchcock, (on Eater Seattle’s list of essential restaurants), along with offshoots Cafe Hitchcock, Hitchcock Deli, and the more recent Bar Hitchcock.

Hitchcock Deli

6003 12th Avenue South, , WA 98108 (206) 582-2796 Visit Website

Cafe Hitchcock

818 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 467-5078 Visit Website

Bar Hitchcock

123 Winslow Way E, ,


133 Winslow Way East, , WA 98110 (206) 201-3789 Visit Website

Bar Taglio

822 1st Avenue, , WA 98104 (206) 624-6924 Visit Website


236 Winslow Way East, , WA 98110 (206) 201-3462 Visit Website