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H Mart Readies Two New Seattle Locations for September

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Plus, Tukwila police flag an In-N-Out burger truck for ‘suspicious activity’ and Ballard Loft will reopen soon

An exterior view of an H Mart store, with the signature red logo.
H Mart is known for its wide selection of Asian produce, groceries, and snacks.

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H Mart Preps New Seattle Spots This Month

The long wait looks to be over for more Seattle H Mart locations. After several years of planning, there will be two new outposts of the popular Korean grocery store arriving in the city soon — one in South Lake Union at 101 Terry Avenue, opening around September 15, and one at Second Avenue and Pine Street, opening around September 25, according to an employee at H Mart’s Northwest headquarters (the exact dates are still tentative). Construction seems to have been going on forever at these spots, particularly the downtown location. But for those who love H Mart’s extensive selection of Korean goods, this should be welcome news. The chain currently has two other area locations, in the U District and Bellevue.

Tukwila Police Report I-N-Out Burger Truck for “Suspicious Activity”

A burger bust? The eagle-eyed Tukwila police department spotted an In-N-Out truck passing through town on Wednesday, and jokingly reported the vehicle for “suspicious activity” (considering the closest location of the fast food chain is a seven-hour drive away in Oregon). “Motorists and bystanders stopped in awe of this wonder as it passed by the Westfield Southcenter Mall,” the post read. Was this a fugitive on the run — or, more hopefully, someone scouting out nearby locations to expand the popular franchise? Neither. The police followed up with a report that the truck was just on the way to an event in Vancouver, B.C. Good to know our area’s finest are on the case, though.

Ballard Loft Ready for a Revival

Five months after it closed, neighborhood sports bar Ballard Loft will reopen soon under new ownership, according to a post on the venue’s official Facebook page. The bar, with a patio, had been known as a great venue to drink local beer and catch the game (it once landed on Eater Seattle’s list of Best Outdoor Eating and Drinking Spots). When Ballard Loft closed in April, the owners told Eater, “The inconsistent business patterns of a sports and late-night driven establishment has become too difficult to operate.” No word yet on when the new opening will be or what changes will be made, if any.

Ballard Loft

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