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5 Dishes Around the Seattle Area to Fend Off Winter Weather Dread

Snow’s in the forecast, but these meals should keep bellies warm and full

A view of a bowl of pozole, with tortillas, lime, and sauces on the side.
Pozole at White Center’s El Paisano Rosticeria y Cocina.
Jenise Silva for Eater

As many in the Seattle metropolitan area furrow their brows at the darkening skies and chilly winds over the next several days, it’s not all doom and gloom. Snowy, wintry weather is a good opportunity to cozy up at a local restaurant with some piping hot comfort food. These are just a few favorite dishes that span the soup, stew, and hot pot scene (feel free to send in your own suggestions).

Beef rib bun bo hue suon bo from Pho Bac

In case you missed it over the holidays, Little Saigon’s Pho Bac “boat” restaurant is back. And that means some more of Seattle’s best Vietnamese broths served in diner-like digs (now with a gold disco ball). In addition to the signature pho, the menu now features beef rib bun bo hue suon bo, which has a spicy pineapple lemongrass beef broth and includes ribs, tendon, blood cake, and pork shrimp meatballs.

Mongolian Hot Pot from Little Sheep

The regular and spicy broths in a silver bowl at Little Sheep.
Regular and spicy broths at Little Sheep.
Jay Friedman

For those looking for satisfyingly scalding Chinese hot pot, this spot is a good bet (with locations in Bellevue and the International District). Writer Jay Friedman recommends a yin-yang split of regular and spicy broths as well as a variety of dipping sauces for meats, vegetables, tofu, dumplings, noodles, and other items. Diners can linger, if the weather outside is particularly frightful.

Soft tofu soup at Kong Tofu House

Bird’s eye view of a selection of plates at Kong Tofu House, including an orange broth with prawns.
Soup with prawns and sides at Kong Tofu House.
Kong Tofu House/Official

This excellent Korean restaurant — which has outposts in Edmonds and the U District — is known for fiery bowls filled with selections of beef, pork, seafood, intestines, dumplings, vegetables, and more, all steaming and aromatic. Each order comes with a stone pot of rice and a decent selection of banchan — including a whole fried fish.

Shoyu ramen at Ooink

Shoyu pork ramen in a white and blue bowl topped with egg.
Shoyu pork ramen.
Jay Friedman/Eater Seattle

This low-key Capitol Hill spot above the QFC on Harvard Ave serves some of the best ramen around town, with silky broths and noodles that soak up the flavor nicely. The shoyu variety is a favorite, but for those that don’t mind a little more heat, the spicy kotteri ramen certainly delivers — with spice level customizable.

Pozole at El Paisano Rosticeria y Cocina

The pozole with tortillas on the side, along with garnishes and limes.
Pozole with tortillas at El Paisano.
Jenise Silva

There are certainly other good hominy and pork stew options around town (including Georgetown’s Fonda La Catrina and Ballard’s La Carta de Oaxaca), but El Paisano keeps things admirably simple. The hearty pozole at this longtime, unassuming White Center restaurant brims with tender meat, and the service is cheerful, which should help keep spirits warm.

El Paisano Rosticeria y Cocina

9615 15th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106 (206) 763-0368

Pho Bac

1923 7th Avenue, , WA 98101 (206) 538-0194 Visit Website


1416 Harvard Avenue, , WA 98122 (206) 568-7669 Visit Website

Kong Tofu House

22511 Washington 99, , WA 98026 (425) 670-6757 Visit Website