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Atari Will Give Seattle the Hotel, Bar, and Restaurant of Nostalgic Gamers’ Dreams

There are similar plans across seven other U.S. cities

A rendering of the planned Atari hotel, with the company’s logo displayed prominently as part of the building’s facade.
A rendering of the planned Atari hotel.
Courtesy of Atari Hotels

Fire up those old cartridges. Video game company Atari is getting into the hospitality business, planning a series of branded hotels — complete with arcade-themed bars and restaurants — across eight U.S. cities, including Seattle. Though details are still slim, a rep for Atari Hotels tells Eater Seattle there will be a “bistro-style restaurant and bakery” in select locations, and that the culinary options will likely vary by market. The first of the Atari hotels should start construction in Phoenix, AZ, sometime later this year.

There have been some early renderings posted on Atari’s social media pages as to what the hotels might look like, with the company’s iconic logo displayed prominently — some will lean into the retro look, while others will have a more futuristic design. There are also plans for the hotels to host esports tournaments and provide “fully immersive” experiences with VR and AR.

While an Atari hotel is sure to generate excitement in a city that loves to game, staking ground in Seattle is a bold move for the 80s console giant. After all, this is a Nintendo town, with the U.S. headquarters of the company residing in Redmond, WA. Might Mario and crew have a problem with Pac-Man tourists invading their territory? There will be plenty of time to find out, as the first hotel probably won’t open for at least two years.