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Korean Street Food Favorite Revel Returns to Original Fremont Home

It spent two years in South Lake Union, but this was always the plan

The interior of Revel’s Fremont location, with green chairs and colorful paintings in the background.
Revel has moved back to Fremont from South Lake Union.

Fremont’s Korean favorite finally has its homecoming. After temporarily moving to South Lake Union back in 2018, Revel — from star chefs Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi — recently returned to its original turf, setting up shop in the new Cedar Speedster building on Phinney Avenue and N 36th Street. The restaurant marked the occasion by posting a photo of its Randy “Macho Man” Savage painting on Instagram, a quirky piece of art that longtime fans should recognize. The space is still in previews, with a grand opening announcement soon.

Revel opened in Fremont in 2010 and has gained national recognition for items like short-rib dumplings and pork belly waffles. Yang and Chirchi have earned plenty of critical acclaim — including attention from the James Beard Awards — for Revel’s Fremont sibling, Joule, and for their modern Korean barbecue joint on Capitol Hill, Trove.

Not much will change menu-wise at the new (old) location, with a selection of smaller rice and noodle dishes (such as seaweed noodle, Dungeness crab, red curry, crème fraiche), along with larger entrees (such as brick chicken, with Korean barbecue sauce, and potatoes cooked in duck fat). Yang tells Eater Seattle that the restaurant is still working on a liquor license, though, so no booze for now. Fans can keep an eye on Revel’s official Instagram account for updates.

Revel (Fremont)

401 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103