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Local Fast Food Favorite Katsu Burger Debuts Its First Bakery in Edmonds

Milk brioche buns are baked onsite, and there’s a selection of Japanese pastries

Sugar-coated bread sticks sit on a baking tray right out of the oven at Katsu Burger & Bakery.
Katsu Burger & Bakery in Edmonds features matcha cream-filled bread sticks.
Katsu Burger & Bakery/Facebook

One popular burger joint has gotten into the bakery biz. Katsu Burger — the wildly popular local chain known for decadent, Japanese-influenced fried patties — has quietly opened its new restaurant-bakery hybrid in Edmonds, testing out some new items to the public before an official grand opening next week.

As previewed in early August, Katsu Burger & Bakery plans to feature milk brioche buns for its regular menu of savory snacks, as well as a wide selection of Japanese desserts. Some of the treats being rolled out right now are sugar-coated bread sticks filled with matcha and kinako cream fillings, but there will be new pastries tested out each day this week as the bakery preps for its official debut. Diners can soon expect mini pies, palmiers, cookies, and croissant-muffin hybrids.

This location — Katsu Burger’s seventh in the greater Seattle area — is takeout only, and marks a big step for the chain. For a long time, the fast food franchise outsourced its buns to other bakeries, but now has taken over the bread-making process, allowing for more quality control. Since much of the restaurant’s burgers are fried behemoths soaked in a variety of sauces, the buns should hold up a little better than before. The desserts are also the first baked goods Katsu Burger has offered, although the spot has long been known for a variety of excellent shakes.

“After the bakery system successfully anchors down, we will start to provide our buns to other locations too,” says Katsu Burger’s head chef Hannah Ha.

The restaurant and bakery gave a mini tour of its new location this weekend via Facebook, showing off the new ovens and a credit card kiosk that lets diners pay on their own, without needing a cashier.

Katsu Burger & Bakery

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