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New Capitol Hill Cafe Opens with Bagel Sandwiches and To-Go Cocktails

Post Pike has aspirations to be an all-day and all-night destination, and is partnering with Westman’s

A closeup of turkey sandwich with melted cheese on a bagel
A turkey sandwich on a Westman’s bagel at Post Pike
Courtesy of Onjoli Dela Torre

After months of preparation, a new cafe has emerged on Capitol Hill, with an eye on attracting both daytime diners and the nightlife crowd. Post Pike Cafe & Bar has opened on Broadway East, serving a variety of bagel sandwiches — with bagels from partner business Westman’s — and espresso using roasts from the Vashon Island-based Pollard Coffee.

There’s also a full bar ready to roll, featuring takeout cocktails such as margaritas, palomas, and bloody marys topped with vegetables pickled onsite, plus beer, hard seltzer, and even some shots. Capitol Hill Seattle first reported on the project earlier this fall.

Post Pike co-owner Onjoli Dela Torre and business partner Max Lovelace met while working together at nearby Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge and Comet Tavern. They didn’t have the intention of opening a new place this year, let alone during the pandemic. But having the prime location available on East Broadway — right off the light rail and near the post office — was too good to pass up (it’s in the spot formerly occupied by tamale restaurant A&A Cafe and Cider).

They hope the menu will appear to both commuters and people working from home, since the partners saw a gap in the morning food scene around that area. “Eventually, when dine in is allowed again, we’d like to be known as a coffee and bagel spot during the day and your favorite neighborhood bar at night,” Dela Torre tells Eater Seattle.

Having the popular Westman’s as a partner will certainly help, since great bagel sandwiches are always in high demand. And though the menu is fairly brief at the moment, the food and drinks offerings should expand in 2021, provided that establishments are allowed to open up indoor service at some point early next year.

“We realize there is great coffee and sandwiches all around Seattle, [but] what sets us apart is that we don’t pretend to be experts, we are just two people who really enjoy the company of friends, and that’s how everyone will be treated here at Post Pike, like a friend,” Dela Torre says. “We are not part of any big restaurant group and don’t have any big investors — it’s just us two using our savings to go after our dream.”

Post Pike

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