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Where to Order Brisket, Latkes, and Other Dishes for Hanukkah

The Festival of Lights started December 10, and Seattle has a few great takeout options

A closeup of a latke with sour cream in the background
Zylberschtein’s Deli in Pinehurst has a dinner kit as well as other items a la carte for Hanukkah.

Another month, another 2020 holiday that will necessarily be scaled back due to the pandemic. Hanukkah runs from December 10 to 18, and several delis, restaurants and bakeries in Seattle are at the ready with special takeout menus for those planning same household family feasts. There are also a few butcher shops in our grocery guide that should fit the bill for home cooks buying brisket and other items. Otherwise, here are a few places to seek out during the Festival of Lights.

Dacha Diner

Capitol Hill’s cozy Eastern European restaurant is perhaps known best for its popular khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread), but it’s got latkes galore, now sold both during the day and for dinner. Contactless pickup is available with online pre-orders via the website, and there are some kosher liqueurs for takeout from Croatia and the Czech Republic.


The Capitol Hill deli known for its meaty sandwiches has some Hanukkah boxes on offer ($90 each), which come with a 12-hour braised brisket, 12 latkes, a quart of soup, gelt, wine, and a wooden dreidel. There’s also the option to simply stock up on latkes, available by the dozen and with sides such as applesauce, caramelized onion mushroom compote, and orange cranberry relish.


Speaking of latkes, this Frelard deli has made that dish a focus on its menu. They come with a nice crispy outer edge and can be ordered in bulk — up to 48 at time (email for more details). There are also a few pressed latke sandwich options, including one stacked with pastrami and another with beet and horseradish cured lox, pickled shallots, avocado, and herbed caper schmear.

Terra Plata

The acclaimed Capitol Hill restaurant from chef Tamara Murphy has constructed a comfort food-filled Hanukkah menu, with matzo ball soup, braised beef brisket, honey roasted carrots, latkes, and challah ($75 per person). There are also sufganiyots and extra latkes on offer, plus mulled wine and eggnog as add-ons.

Top Pot Doughnuts

Those who just want to skip straight to dessert may want to hit up this classic Seattle doughnut chain. Just as in past years, sufganiyots — those round, jelly-filled treats topped with powdered sugar — are on offer for individual sales at all locations.


Pinehurst’s Jewish deli has rolled out quite a few takeout holiday meals this year, and the Hanukkah version is robust. There’s a dinner menu priced at $25 per person, featuring brisket, latkes, Rozann’s applesauce, and tsimmes, while a la carte offerings include frozen latkes, sufganiyots, knishes, and a six-inch gelt cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and caramel apple slices.

UPDATED, December 11, 2020, 1:45 p.m.: This article removed some restaurants that have already closed for Hanukkah orders and added new ones still taking orders.

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