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The Successor to Iconic Queen City in Belltown Now Has a Name

Plus, a self-pour taproom eyes Google’s South Lake Union campus, and Revel in Fremont adds brunch

The exterior of Queen City, with a brick facade and a hotel sign out front.
Queen City in Belltown closed in January, but will be replaced by Seahorse Bar.
Morgen Schuler

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Queen City’s Successor Now Has a Name

Last month, Seattle nightlife mogul and restaurateur Linda Derschang revealed that she was closing down Belltown’s iconic Queen City and opening something completely new in the space this spring. Now she’s given those who are curious a sneak peek at what’s to come on Instagram, including revealing the name of the new venue: Seahorse Bar. According to Derschang’s post, there will be some horseshoe booths installed soon, as well as taxidermy and TVs, with an eye on debuting the restaurant in late April. Menu-wise, the new spot plans to serve burgers and fries, cocktails on tap, and beer, embracing the original pubby vibe of its location, while the brunch menu will be similar to Derschang’s Linda’s Tavern, including tacos and pitchers of mimosas.

Self-Pour Taproom Coming to Google’s SLU Campus This Summer

Automatic for the people? The Chicago-based company Tapster is planning to open a bar with self-pour taps at Google’s new mixed-use development, Lakefront Blocks, in South Lake Union. Basically, all drinks are priced by the ounce and set up for people to serve themselves through a computerized system that accepts cards. Though Tapster claims this will be “Seattle’s first self-pour taproom,” that may not quite be the case, as Capitol Hill also has a beer bar with self-pour taps in the works for the spring, and Buckley’s in Queen Anne experimented with table-top taps years ago through a third party company before dropping the concept. Regardless, Tapster will feature mostly local beers as well as non-alcoholic options like mocktails and kombucha, while the interior will include bocce courts and a private conference room.

Fremont’s Revel Adds New Brunch

It’s been a little over a month since longtime Korean favorite Revel celebrated a return to its original Fremont location. Now, after getting the bar up and running, it’s ramping up other offerings, specifically a new brunch. Chef Rachel Yang tells Eater Seattle that the restaurant started the service up this past weekend, with items such as bing monkey bread with spam and spicy maple syrup, ramen with kimchi and bacon, and breakfast sausage wonton with kale and black vinegar. Fans of the restaurants signature rice bowls will find a short rib option with sambal daikon and mustard greens.


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