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Two Prominent Seattle Breweries Will Feature Toilet Paper Giveaways Saturday

Seapine and Lowercase have bathroom supplies on hand as they open for to-go orders during the coronavirus outbreak

A woman holding a Seapine Brewing growler surrounded by toilet paper and Purrell.
Seapine Brewing is offering free toilet paper rolls with 64-ounce growler purchases.
Seapine Brewing/Instagram

As restaurants and bars around Seattle adjust to the statewide takeout and delivery-only mandate due to coronavirus measures, two local breweries are getting resourceful with their takeout plans. They’ll feature free toilet paper prominently.

The lauded Seapine Brewing Company in SoDo plans to open its doors Saturday, selling growlers and kegs for curbside pickup — and those who buy a 64-ounce growler will get a roll of toilet paper (while supplies last).

Meanwhile, Georgetown’s Lowercase Brewing is hosting a toilet paper exchange, in which customers can get two rolls free, or donate excess roles to receive a 50 percent-off voucher for a future visit. Sort of like a bathroom supply co-op. Washington Beer Blog first reported on the events.

Seapine’s effort will be the first time the brewery has ever sold kegs to the public — the toilet paper is just a bonus. Owner Drew Colpitts tells Eater Seattle the brewery happened to have purchased a couple of commercial cases Sunday, but due to the order earlier this week to close the taproom, there was no use for them. Seapine will also insist on filling only new growlers to avoid cross-contamination, and offer a number of their IPAs (Citra and Positron), along with the floral Candle Fly Kolsch. “If it goes well, we’ll do more [events like this],” says Colpitts.

Meanwhile, Lowercase isn’t doing any beer sales with its toilet paper exchange from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at its Airport Way location, oddly enough (even though curbside pickup and takeout for sealed beer containers is allowed in Washington for licensed breweries). But it will serve sell some cold brew coffee and cold brew recipes, in addition to the toilet paper drive-thru.

Toilet paper giveaways seem to have caught on elsewhere in the country, with an L.A. taco restaurant, a Southern-Asian restaurant in Austin, and an Atlanta restaurant trying out the idea, as shoppers clear out store shelves in the U.S. But this seems to be the rare instance of breweries getting in on the action.

Seapine Brewing Company

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