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Longtime Stadium-Area Food Truck Opens Standalone Bar for the Sports Crowd

Gantry Public House comes from the owner behind the People’s Burger

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A view of the Gantry Public House exterior, near Pioneer Grill Hot Dogs.
Gantry Public House seats 100 inside and will open up its patio during warmer weather.
Gantry Public House/Facebook

As activity ramps up around CenturyLink Field and T-Mobile Park, there’s now a new brewpub to try out. Gantry Public House recently opened at 904 Occidental Ave S from the owner of longtime food truck The People’s Burger and Pioneer Grill Hot Dogs, the latter of which has been around in one form or another for more than 20 years. Both concessions are parked right outside the bar, which allows food specifically from them, but also features its own menu of pub fare, including roasted chicken, tacos, toasted cheese dippers, wings, salads, and sandwiches. There are four beers on taps to start (Rainier, Bodhizafa IPA, Fremont Golden Pilsner, and Mac and Jack’s), expanding to 10 soon.

Owner Farshid Varamini has been on the hunt for a permanent place for years, after establishing the aforementioned mobile operations as mainstays in the neighborhood, especially during game days and special events. He landed on Gantry’s home, since it’s most convenient for supplying the outside concessions, and has enough space for those who want to pregame. There’s seating for around 100 inside and an additional 40 outside when the patio is ready, along with 14 big-screen TVs.

Varamini is also working on a game room with shuffleboard and darts. But he’s also eyeing a space to possibly add a new element: breaking things for sport. That’s right, so-called “rage rooms” — where patrons put on protective gear and get to smash various items for fun, whether by hand, sledgehammer, or golf club — have become increasingly popular in other cities around the country, and Gantry may eventually carve out some space for the cathartic recreation. Should come in handy during the Mariners’ season.

Gantry Public House

904 Occidental Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98134