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Beacon Hill’s Celebrated Filipino Restaurant Musang Will Open for Takeout Next Week

Its new Lutong Bahay menu features comfort food dishes

A closeup of adobong ribs na baboy from Musang on a white plate
Adobong ribs na baboy
Musang [Official Photo]

After closing to the general public for more than a month, Beacon Hill’s Musang plans to roll out a new takeout menu soon. On May 6, the celebrated Filipino restaurant from star chef Melissa Miranda will debut Lutong Bahay (which means “home cooked” in tagalog). It’ll feature a variety of comfort food dishes, such as lumpiang shanghai (pork and shrimp with spiced vinegar), pinakbet (roasted eggplant with sitaw, okra, and pickled ampalaya), and adobong ribs na baboy (ribs cooked with cane sugar, adobo, and garlic), available Wednesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. There will also be some meal kits on Sunday for preorder and.curbside pickup.

Musang has made a series of rapid changes during the COVID-19 crisis. Right before Gov. Jay Inslee announced Washington’s stay-at-home order in mid-March, chef Miranda closed her dining room and tried doing takeout only, but abandoned the effort quickly after seeing the potential safety risks. She then transformed her restaurant into a community kitchen that serves 150-200 meals a day, particularly for food insecure families.

Over the last month, Miranda, Kirsti Brown of That Brown Girl Cooks catering company, chef Rachel Yang, and others have all joined forces as the Seattle Community Kitchen Collective. They are coordinating efforts across the city in various restaurants to feed those in need. Miranda tells Eater Seattle that the community kitchen will still be a big part of Musang, whenever it is allowed to open for dine-in services again. And it will continue to operate after Lutong Bahay launches, serving meals Sunday through Tuesday.


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