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Many Restaurants Are Closing Friday in Support of Strike Organized by Black Lives Matter Seattle

Showing solidarity during a day of action and a silent march

A Seattle protester with a gloved hand holds up a sign that says “Defend BLM.”
Black Lives Matter Seattle is planning a strike for June 12, and many businesses are closing in solidarity.
David Ryder/Getty Images

On Friday, Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County is organizing a “general strike” across Washington. According to the official announcement, the day of action includes a silent march from Judkins Park to Jefferson Park starting at 2 p.m. “to honor lives lost and send a powerful message that Washingtonians no longer tolerate the racism that is built into so many of our institutions.” BLM Seattle is also urging people across the state to stop working Friday and, if they are unable to march, to take time to familiarize themselves with local officials to urge action on police violence.

The restaurant community here in Seattle is showing support for the strike. At the last informal count, more than 60 restaurants, bars, breweries, and cafes will close their doors tomorrow in a show of solidarity. With restaurants in King County only recently reopened for limited dine-in and outdoor service, and revenue down during the COVID-19 pandemic, closing completely for one day is not an insignificant gesture — but it is just one small step. Many places have also been feeding protesters and providing supplies near the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (an area around the East Precinct that protesters have held down since police pulled back from the blocks around the building earlier this week). They’ve also donated sales proceeds to several causes aligned with social justice.

Below is a list of some of the places that have announced their intentions to close so far, but it is not a complete tally — and those that haven’t officially announced closures may be doing so soon, closed anyway due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or are providing support in other ways. Find more details about each restaurant via the links below, and if you find any other participating restaurants, email

Here’s more information on Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County, and where to donate.

Macrina Bakery

Independent Pizzeria

The Wandering Goose

Georgetown Brewing

Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant

Fremont Brewing

Floret Seattle and Flora Bakehouse

Taurus Ox

Old Stove Brewing

Super Six

Marination (all locations)

Dino’s Tomato Pie

Cafe Cosmos

Independent Pizzeria


Little Neon Taco

Herkimer Coffee

Locust Cider (Harbor Steps and Market Hall locations)

Cupcake Royale

Il Nido


Twilight Exit


Poquitos (Capitol Hill and Bothell locations)

Rein Haus

Seaplane Kitchen & Bar

Serious TakeOut

The Maple

Art of the Table

The Rendezvous

Sea Creatures Restaurant Group (Wilmott’s Ghost, the Whale Wins, Bateau, General Porpoise, Great State Burger)

Brothers & Co


Skal Beer Hall

Tamari Bar





Hot Cakes (Ballard and Capitol Hill locations)

Cloudburst Brewing

The Masonry

Bakery Nouveau

Pine Box

Dirty Couch Brewing

Obec Brewing

Uber Tavern


Rob Roy

Navy Strength

Vinnie’s Raw Bar

No Anchor

Full Tilt Ice Cream

Ethan Stowell Restaurants (How to Cook a Wolf, Ballard Pizza Co, MKT, Tavolata Capitol Hill, Rione XIII, Red Cow, and Frelard Pizza Co)

Latona Pub

Stoup Brewing