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Anticipated Beacon Hill Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop Milk Drunk Opens

There are brined and fried chicken sandwiches, too

Light pink and white soft serve in a metal ice cream bowl, with a spoon.
Milk Drunk offers a fast-casual experience with soft serve and fried chicken.
Alicia Pollett

As the summer heats up, a new ice cream shop in Beacon Hill looks to provide some much-needed chill. Milk Drunk — the anticipated restaurant from the husband-and-wife team behind the acclaimed Homer — is now open, with plenty of soft serve options on the menu, along with some fried chicken.

Those familiar with Homer’s massively popular soft serve walk-up window should be familiar with some of Cox’s inventive flavors. On the menu to start are vanilla with malted chocolate, fig-leaf coconut with Rainier cherry, and buttermilk lavender with black plum-orange blossom, all available as a swirl. There’s also hard dips and a selection of toppings (including cocoa nibs, M&Ms, and pretzels), for extra decadence.

On the savory side, Milk Drunk features a variety of brined and double-fried chicken sandwiches, such as Virginia Boy (with country ham and hot honey) and Coastal Cluck (with pineapple slaw and jerk mayo). Vegetarians can opt for a portobello mushroom version.

Chef Logan Cox and Sara Knowles named the place as an homage to their young daughter, and the brightly-colored spot promises to be family friendly — though there are some adult beverages as well in the form of frozen cocktails. And everything is available to-go, with online preordering coming soon.

The Milk Drunk debut should be a bright spot for the Homer folks, since last week the farm-to-table restaurant announced on Instagram that it was closing temporarily after someone an employee came in contact with tested positive for COVID-19. The staff underwent tests as precautions, and Homer is planning to reopen Friday for takeout and limited patio dining, just in time to join its new sibling.

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