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Screwdriver Bar Opens an Outdoor Patio

The Casbah will feature a food menu, boozy ice cream, cocktails and more

The Casbah at Screwdriver Bar
courtesy of Screwdriver Bar

In the early days of the pandemic, Belltown’s Screwdriver Bar pivoted to what they called their “Lemonade Stand,” which gave guests all of the ingredients and recipes so they could make their favorite Screwdriver cocktails at home. From there, the bar also developed to-go cocktails, which also accompanied a food menu.

For their next act—no pun intended—the 1st Avenue bar has opened The Casbah, Screwdriver Bar’s Rock n’ Roll Oasis. The patio sits directly outside the bar’s main entrance.

“The safety of our guests and employees was our first priority, followed closely by finding a way to bring the atmosphere of Screwdriver out of the basement and into the daylight. And we are pretty damn proud of how it turned out. It’s totally different but still capturing that one of a kind Screwdriver rock n’ roll vibe,” says co-owner Chris Jones.

Chocolate Branca Menta soft serve ice cream
courtesy of Screwdriver Bar

On offer are a variety of new things for the bar, including a soft serve ice cream machine that offers two rotating flavors, some of which include alcohol. The bar has also built a kitchen with the help of Josh Nebe (Radiator, Damn the Weather, White Swan).

The menu for the patio includes both vegetarian and regular BLTs, sandwiches made with Lady Jaye’s smoked bologna, New Zealand-style savory pies and rotating spaghetti specials.

The Casbah is open from Thursday-Saturday 3 -9 p.m. and Sundays 2-8 p.m. Screwdriver Bar will still offer a to-go menu for pickup and delivery during the same hours.