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Restaurateur Bryan Jarr’s Popular Pike Place Pop-up Tako Truk Makes Its Return

Plus, Halal Guys opens its new South Lake Union location and Chihuly Garden and Glass serves pizza outside

Several octopus tacos over a napkin that says Place Pigalle
Taco Truk initially had a run back in 2009.
Jarr Bar [Official Photo]

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Bryan Jarr’s Popular Pike Place Pop-up Tako Truk Makes Its Return

In 2009, renowned Seattle restaurateur Bryan Jarr of Jarr Bar got some kudos for launching a playful taco stand called Tako Truk with co-creator and chef Cormac Mahoney that had an off-and-on run over three years. Now, as Pike Place Market expands outdoor seating onto the cobblestones, Jarr is bringing the pop-up back with Place Pigalle’s chef and owner Lluvia Walker as his new partner. The stand is slinging some old favorites, such as the braised octopus tako in a yogurt sauce and coconut braised pork belly with habanero, as well as newer items, such as the Duck Menage a Trois, with duck confit, duck breast, and duck cracklin’ with red salsa. It’ll be open every week, Thursday through Sunday, from noon to 4 p.m., and is located near Rachel the Pig at the Market. Diners can track the progress on Jarr Bar’s Instagram.

Halal Guys Opens Its New South Lake Union Location

The Middle Eastern street food chain Halal Guys — which started as a New York food cart before growing into an empire — is finally expanding to a second Seattle location at 333 8th Avenue North in South Lake Union after some delays. When the first Seattle Halal Guys opened in Pioneer Square two years ago, the place quickly drew long lines. At the new spot, customers will find the customizable signature offerings, including chicken wraps, gyros, and falafel platters, drizzled with white and hot red sauces. The shiny steel, red-and-yellow decor is similar, although the South Lake Union location is more than twice as large as the Pioneer Square outpost. Both spots are open for takeout only.

Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit Now Has an Outdoor Pizza Oven

With museums in Seattle now allowed to open in limited capacity during Washington’s “Safe Start” plan, the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit at Seattle Center is ready for visitors again and hopes to draw people in with snacks served outside. The popular tourist attraction installed a new pizza oven in its outdoor art plaza, serving up stone-fired Neapolitan pizza. Among the pie topping options are scamorza, heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and chimichurri. Diners can also watch live glass demonstrations as they eat.


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