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Massive New Location for Ballard Food Bank Breaks Ground

Plus, Kamonegi chef Mutsuko Soma stars in a calming new HBO series, and there’s already a holiday-themed pop-up on the way to Seattle

A collection of green and red peppers, carrots, and other vegetables in a donation box
Ballard Food Bank has been serving the community for more than four decades.
Ballard Food Bank [Official Photo]

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Massive New Location for Ballard Food Bank Breaks New Ground

On Thursday, the Ballard Food Bank broke ground for its future location at 1400 N.W. Leary, a few blocks away from its current location and more than double the size. According to the organization, the 11,000-square-foot facility should be finished by next fall and will help the food bank expand its operations. It aims to serve new areas of the city,  including Licton Springs and Bitter Lake, and reach 1,700 households per week by 2022. That increased capacity could be crucial during a pandemic that has seen food insecurity increase at an alarming rate across the state and resulted in supply shortages. This will be the first building that Ballard Food Bank has owned rather than leased, and the current location will continue to stay open until the new spot is up and running.

Star Seattle Chef Mutsuko Soma to Appear on HBO Max’s New Show

Those into the soothing qualities of noodle making may want to keep an eye on a new HBO Max show. “A World of Calm” — the upcoming series based on the mobile app Calm, which encourages users to chill out for a few seconds while absorbing tranquil images — will feature star chef Mutsuko Soma of Fremont’s Kamonegi in an episode. From what a rep for the show tells Eater Seattle, the footage will show chef Soma making her famed soba noodles at home with her family. Actor Oscar Isaac will narrate the Seattle-based episode, while Kate Winslet, Zoe Kravitz, Keanu Reeves, and Priyanka Chopra-Jonas are among the other voices in the series. Episodes begin airing October 1.

Not Even the Pandemic Can Stop Holiday-Themed Bar Pop-ups

Is it too early to think about boozy eggnog? The company behind the annual, ubiquitous “Miracle” and “Sippin’ Santa” pop-ups announced its moving ahead with plans to hold events across the country this winter. The “Miracle” pop-up in Seattle will be at Belltown’s Rob Roy, just like last year, and feature drinks such as the Yippie Ki Yay Mother F****r (with rum, cachaça, and purple yam and coconut orgeat). Adjustments will be made due to COVID measures, such as the addition of to-go cocktails, and some locations hosting the pop-up will include online components through Zoom and social media.

Rob Roy

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