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Are You Willing to Dine Inside Seattle Restaurants Again?

Take our short survey about the return of indoor dining

A sign on a restaurant door reads “Come In, We’re Open”
Indoor dining in Seattle resumes February 1 at 25 percent capacity.

Starting Monday, February 1, Seattle restaurants can resume indoor dining at 25 percent due to relaxed reopening requirements in Washington. It’s the first time such service has been officially allowed since mid-November (despite some “open air” exceptions). But just because people can sit down inside a bar, cafe or restaurant again, doesn’t mean they will. COVID-19 cases remain at a high level in the area (though recently trending down), and the appearance of more dangerous new variants in the state has health officials on edge, urging a cautious approach to going out.

Eater Seattle wants to hear from readers regarding when they will feel comfortable dining inside restaurants around the city. Take this brief survey, which includes questions concerning various comfort levels, feelings about the reopening timeline in general, and thoughts on the COVID vaccine.