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Lumen Field Will Soon Host an Outdoor Dinner Series with Major Seattle Chefs

Field to Table launches February 18 with chefs such as Trey Lamont, Liz Kenyon, Sabrina Tinsley, and Maximillian Petty serving multi course meals

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The NFL season is over — and soccer still two months away — but Lumen Field will see some action soon. Starting February 18, the outdoor dining series Field to Table will make its debut, featuring pop-up dinners from several acclaimed Seattle chefs, including Trey Lamont (Jerk Shack), Liz Kenyon (Manolin, Rupee Bar), John Sundstrom (Lark), Sabrina Tinsley (Osteria la Spiga), Matt Lewis (Where Ya At Matt), Dre Neeley (Gravy), and Maximillian Petty (Eden Hill).

At $100 per person (not including taxes and fees), diners will get a prix-fixe four-course meal, with the choice of a meat, seafood, or a vegetarian option as a main. Among some of the menu items include Lamont’s jerk chicken gumbo, braised beef cheeks with polenta from Tinsley, and Petty’s petite cress poached cod with fermented garlic miso. There will also be booze available at each meal (reservations go live at noon on February 10).

The dinners will run every Wednesday through Sunday until March 7, with seating in heated and covered areas (the website urges people to dress warmly, as each space must be ventilated on at least two sides due to COVID measures). Up to six people can reserve a table from a max of two households, per current guidelines mandated by the state in phase 2 of the “Healthy Washington” plan, and there are two seatings per night.

Event company SE Productions is running the show, and there will be some activities besides eating, including the option to purchase a field goal kick at Lumen Field. Each night, 20 auction winners get two attempts, with bragging rights as the prize if they make it through the uprights. Proceeds from the auctions go to Big Table, a nonprofit focused on supporting restaurant and hospitality workers in need.

Meanwhile, Field to Table looks like the first local hospitality-related event in 2021 to attempt significant in-person participation. Edouardo Jordan’s Soul of Seattle is going on right now with cooking demonstrations streaming online every Friday and a selection of special takeout menus from participating chefs. Taste of Washington is also coming soon, but will also lean into takeout meals and virtual events that pair with selected wines. Last year, the stadium formerly known as CenturyLink was supposed to host a large event for Taste Washington, but it was scrapped due to the pandemic.