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New Sea-Tac Airport Pop-up Cuts to the Chase, Just Serves Shots in Plastic Cups

Shot Bar seems well suited for those on the go

A string of small red Solo cups, with a lighted menu in the back for Shot Bar
Shot Bar is a counter at Rel’ish Burger Lounge at Sea-Tac’s Concourse B.
Shot Bar [Official Photo]

The Center for Disease Control has a longstanding COVID advisory to avoid all unnecessary travel during the pandemic — even for those who have recently been vaccinated. But many people may not be able to skip plane travel right now. For those folks (and others who hope to plan a trip sometime in 2021), one new Sea-Tac Airport establishment stands at the ready: a bar that just focuses on shots of alcohol. That’s it: just pre-flight shots.

Shot Bar is a pop-up at Rel’Lish Burger Lounge in the B Concourse at Sea-Tac. Travelers can order from a menu of chilled hard liquor, all served in mini plastic red Solo cups, college party style. Some of the options include Hornitos Crystalino tequila, Ketel One cucumber and mint-flavored vodka, local favorite Brown Sugar Bourbon (which actor Jamie Foxx just purchased), and Fireball, of course. A single shot goes for $7; a double sets one back $10. All drinks must be consumed at the counter since the airport still doesn’t allow booze to go at any establishment. Cutting off inebriated customers is at the bartender’s discretion.

The new pop-up isn’t exactly revolutionary. Just about any airport bar can be a “shot bar” if one really tries (and many do) — this just seems a slightly more convenient distillation of travelers’ drinking preferences. An all-shots bar may draw some raised eyebrows during the pandemic, though. Many airlines curtailed the sale of alcohol in mid-2020 as COVID measures ramped up, and it wasn’t until February 1 that Sea-Tac resumed alcohol sales at retail and bars after a winter of nixing them altogether. Still, if COVID restrictions lift on plane travel later in 2021, it might not be the worst idea to have more quick-service options around Sea-Tac, in general.

The food and drink establishments at the airport have been in limbo for much of the past year — some anticipated new spots have nixed plans to open altogether, others have made adjustments for a takeout-driven world (with the occasional exciting overhaul, specifically regarding Africa Lounge’s new menu). But all restaurants catering to travelers will need to think about more ways to generate revenue in the near term. Shots it is, then.