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Hazard Pay for Grocery Store Workers on Verge of Expanding Across King County

Plus, Cycle Dogs launches a Kickstarter to help open its first restaurant, and popular breakfast sandwich pop-up Hi Helen moves to a new location

A shopping cart in the foreground, with grocery store aisles blurry in the background
King County is about to pass an ordinance to boost many grocery workers’ pay by $4 per hour.

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Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers on Verge of Expanding Across King County

Legislation related to hazard pay continues to pick up the pace across the entire region. Weeks after Seattle instituted a mandate to boost grocery workers’ pay at chains with more than 500 employees by $4 per hour, King County has taken up a similar ordinance. On Wednesday, March 3, a new bill to extend the $4 per hour extra hazard pay throughout all of unincorporated King County was approved by the council’s committee and will go to a full vote next week. If and when the law goes through, it will likely receive the same pushback from larger grocers that the Seattle bill received. Kroger-owned QFC announced it was going to shut down two locations (in Wedgewood and Capitol Hill, and a lawsuit against the city of Seattle from two industry groups — the Northwest Grocery Association and the Washington Food Industry Association — is still pending.

Cycle Dogs Launches a Kickstarted to Help Open Its First Restaurant

Vegan favorite Cycle Dogs has plans to open its first full-fledged restaurant in Ballard this April, and it’s looking for some help. Recently, the popular food truck — which offers a variety of meat-free facsimiles of fast food favorites, like Dick’s burgers — launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover some final costs for the new venture. Cycle Dogs has already secured a location in the former No Bones Beach Bones space, but it’s still looking to complete renovation work in the dining area and patio. Co-founders Keaton and Becky Tucker have had some success crowdfunding before: they started as a small bike cart in 2015 that was funded by a Kickstarter campaign before growing into a food truck. So far, the new effort has raised almost half of its $38,500 goal.

Wildly Popular Breakfast Sandwich Pop-up Hi Helen Changes Locations

After building up a strong following operating out of a small Delridge kitchen, breakfast sandwich specialist Hi Helen has moved. The op-up — which often sells out of its wonderful recreations of East Coast deli favorites within minutes of opening pre-orders — has set up camp at the Seattle Commissary Kitchen on Marginal Way in SoDo. Owner Sarah Decelle tells Eater Seattle that the new digs should allow her to increase the number of sandwiches available per day and hopefully hire some more help (items continue to sell out fast, with a sizable waitlist). She says the goal is to eventually find a fixed location. “Long term goal is to have a brick and mortar where I can become a community staple,” she says, noting the difficulty of keeping up with high demand as a one-person show. “I’d love to be a source of comfort where people can reliably get delicious food, rather than a source of ordering anxiety, alarm setting, and frustration.”

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