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Now That Capacity Restrictions Have Been Lifted, How Do You Feel About Dining Out?

Take our survey about going out to eat at restaurants in Seattle this summer

A sign outside a restaurant says “Come in, we’re open”
Washington lifted restaurant capacity restrictions on June 30.

On Wednesday, June 30, Washington officially lifted most of its COVID-related restrictions that had been in place in one form or another for over a year. There are no more capacity limits on restaurants, alcohol can be served past midnight, bar seating is now allowed, and tables do not have to be set apart at six feet for social distancing. In addition, Seattle officially ended its indoor mask mandate, which means that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear face coverings when they go out to eat, except at businesses that still institute their own mask requirements.

But there seems to be a mix of caution and enthusiasm when it comes to the new allowances, particularly among restaurants that are having trouble staffing up for 100 percent capacity. Many are easing into things for now, and keeping pandemic-related adjustments (such as expanded takeout menus and to-go cocktails) in place. Others, such as Communion Restaurant and Bar, are delaying the debut of indoor service for a week or two to get final details squared away.

Eater Seattle now wants to know how you feel about the post-COVID regulation era of Seattle dining. Are you still wary of going out to eat, or eagerly making those reservations? What amount are you tipping these days? And which adjustments from the pandemic would you like to see stick around?

Take our July survey about dining out and let us know where you stand. Thank you!