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A Malaysian and Taiwanese Pop-Up Collaboration is Coming to Columbia City

Fremont’s Hale’s Ales closes after almost 40 years, and more news

Chunks of light-pink raw fish, sliced red onion, and herbs on a black plate.
A dish made with corvina, makrut, persimmon, red onion, and herbs from pop-up Wolf and Woman.
Courtesy of Kaci Goff

Chef Kaci Goff’s Malaysian-Tamilian pop-up Wolf and Woman, which started in Seattle in 2017 before moving to San Diego, is collaborating with chef Tiffany Ran of Babalio Taiwanese Pop-Up for a dinner at Lottie’s Lounge in Columbia City on April 11. Babalio often pops up at Fair Isle Brewing and has become one of Seattle’s hottest pop-ups for its Taiwanese dishes made with seasonal, local ingredients.

The dinner will consist of six courses combining elements of Malaysian and Taiwanese cuisine and will cost $55 per person, with seatings at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Reservations available online.

Fremont’s Hale’s Ales will close in April after almost 39 years of business

Mike Hale, who started one of Seattle’s first craft breweries almost 39 years ago in Fremont, announced last week on Facebook that he’ll close his business next month. The next step for him, according to Seattle Met, is retirement. The publication reported that while the sale of the building is pending, there’s been no word on who will take over the space or what will become of it. The Bremerton barrelhouse is also set to close but details on when are yet to be announced.

The brewery is still hosting its annual comedy and variety show, Seattle’s Moisture Festival from March 17 through April 10, a last hurrah for the beloved business.

Spice Waala is serving special meals for Holi on March 18

For India’s Festival of Colors, which lands on March 18 this year, Spice Waala is serving up a special meal for pick up at both its Ballard and Capitol Hill locations. The meals, which cost $40, include kachoris (spiced lentil-filled fried pastries with chutneys), laccha paratha (flatbread), a dish made with layered bread, daal and spiced beetroots, a chicken curry served with golden rice, and gujiya (sweet fried pastry filled with cream and nuts). Preorders can be made by calling either restaurant.