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A white rectangular plate loaded with sliced brisket and roasted carrots and potatoes with a white ceramic bowl full of matzo ball soup behind it along with a takeout container full of chariest and a bottle of wine.
The Passover specials at Zylberschtein’s includes slow cooked briskets, caraway carrots, roasted fingerling potatoes, matzo ball soup, and charoset.
Courtesy of Zylberschtein’s

Where to Order Passover Takeout Meals in Seattle This Year

Restaurants still offering takeout specials surrounding the Jewish holiday

There aren’t many Jewish or kosher restaurants and delis in Seattle, so the few kosher caterers, like Leah’s catering, in the Seattle area, have been sold out of their seder dinners for weeks. Nevertheless, there are a handful of restaurants still offering meals for Passover for preorder this year, with dishes including the traditional brisket, matzo ball soup, charoset, and chopped liver.

The Jewish holiday, which commemorates the Israelite exodus from ancient Egypt, starts in the evening on April 15 and runs through April 22 (or 23, depending on the calendar you use). Families generally get together at least the first night of the holiday for a ceremonial seder dinner; some gather on the first and second nights. Below are a few restaurants offering special meals surrounding the holiday.


Josh Grunig’s Pinehurst deli and bagel shop is offering Passover specials for preorder from April 15 to April 22, the span of the holiday. Orders require a two-day lead time.

Dishes include slow-cooked brisket, harissa roasted chicken, caraway carrots, roasted fingerling potatoes, matzo ball soup, chopped liver, and coconut chocolate macaroons. There’s a preset meal option as well as a la carte items. Preorders can be made on the website.

Two boats full of fries, one topped with feta cheese.
Muriel’s kosher restaurant in Seward Park is offering a selection of pre-Passover specials on April 13 and 14.
Courtesy of Muriel’s


This Capitol Hill delicatessen is offering a healthy spread of a la carte Passover foods, with preorders available online to be picked up after April 14 at 11 a.m. Options include brisket by the pound, brisket gravy, whole roasted kosher lemon chicken, chicken soup, potato kugels, smoked salmon by the pound, and much more. There are even some vegan options like mushroom barley, split pea, and cabbage soup.


Josh Grunig’s new kosher restaurant in Seward Park is offering special pre-Passover dinners on April 13 and April 14 from 5 to 7 p.m. Dishes on the a la carte menu include a soup made with sweet potatoes, carrots, turmeric, and honey, an egg noodle and raisin kugel, and a bagel and topping platter for four with a half dozen bagels, pickled vegetables and herring, whitefish salad, and cream cheese. Preorders are available online.