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A Food Festival Is Bringing Together Some of Seattle’s Hottest Pop-Ups This Month

Jack’s BBQ’s is opening its newest location in Bellingham, and more news

Three bowls of shave ice on a light wood table in front of a red brick wall.
Mike’s Shave Ice serves elaborate shave ice bowls with house-made flavors and toppings like fresh fruit, sago, and mochi.
Jade Yamazaki Stewart/Eater Seattle

Some of Seattle’s hottest pop-ups are coming together for a food and music festival at The Stone House Cafe in the Rainier Valley neighborhood on April 23. Mike’s Shave Ice, a shave ice pop-up that built a huge following last summer for its elaborate shave ice bowls with toppings like sago and fresh fruit, will be in attendance along with Grayseas Pies, Jay Blue Thai, Laina’s Handcrafted Ice Cream, Puffy Pandy, Ramen Ramen, Sea Sandwich, and Your Kuya’s Filipino Food. There will also be a few craft vendors, DJs, and beer from Half Lion Brewing, a brewery based in Sumner, Washington.

The event is being organized by Heigh Connects Food Group, a local restaurant group that owns Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max. The group started focusing on food pop-ups, including by launching a few of their own, during the pandemic.

Jack’s BBQ’s first location outside of the Seattle area is opening in Bellingham

Seattle pit master Jack Timmons is opening his first restaurant outside of the Seattle area in Bellingham on April 8. The fifth location of Jack’s BBQ, located at 1327 North State Street in downtown Bellingham, will serve a similar menu to the Seattle locations, with meats by the pound, breakfast tacos, 12 beers on tap from local breweries for $5 a glass. Last year, Timmons opened Jackalope Tex-Mex and Cantina, a restaurant serving Tex-Mex food and agave spirits in Columbia City.

Wa Na Wari adds Native American food to its free meal program

Since February, Wa Na Wari, a Black art and culture center in the Central District, has been offering free meals made by Black and Indigenous chefs every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. The newest addition to the lineup of chefs is Jeremy Thunderbird of Native Soul Cuisine, a food truck that blends elements of Native American food and American soul food. The program, a partnership with local Muslim American organization Wasat, is meant to promote the work of chefs of color while feeding the community.