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Syd Suntha Releases More Details About His 36-Course Wu-Tang Dinner

The event will be a cacophony of food, drinks, and performances

Nine people pose for a photo under a tree.
The chefs for the dinner include Syd Suntha, Shubert Ho, Rhys Nunnelee, David Van Storm, Ed Smith, Denali Foglietti, MacKenzie DeVito, Luis Brambila, and Demond Thomas II.
Syd Suntha

Seattle chef Syd Suntha brought national attention to the Seattle pop-up scene when he announced in June that he was planning an eight-hour, 36-course Wu-Tang themed dinner at the Queen Anne Beerhall. With the event just a couple of weeks away on September 11 at noon, the chef recently revealed all of the details with the names of participating chefs and performers.

Chefs come from an eclectic group of restaurants around the Seattle area, with Shubert Ho (the owner of FeedMe Hospitality and Restaurant Group), Rhys Nunnelee (the chef of Queen Anne Beerhall), David Van Storm (owner of Buckshot Honey), Ed Smith (of The Shambles), Denali Foglietti (sous chef at The Barking Frog), MacKenzie DeVito (owner of No Bones About It), Luis Brambila (the chef de cuisine of Bar Dojo) , and Demond Thomas II (the chef of Arc). Edmonds Bar Niles Peacock has curated nine drink pairings (with a nonalcoholic option) for the dinner.

General admission tickets are available online for $333.33, which comes out to around $425 after fees and a service charge for staff, with VIP tickets going for over $1200 before fees. The ticket price may seem steep for one meal, but it’s pretty comparable for the kind of ten-course tasting menus celebrity chefs like Shota Nakajima do every couple of months around Seattle. And this dinner is an 18-course, eight-hour affair.

While an event with this many participants might be anxiety-inducing for some, Suntha says he’s been going over every detail about this event in his mind for years, and he’s used to the chaos.

“I used to daydream about this during quarantine when we couldn’t have events,” Suntha says. “Foodtrucks are like the most chaotic thing in the universe, so you get used to chaos when you work in food trucks.”

Ho’s dishes will include a coconut rice arachini with mapo tofu and a bun with confit chicken thighs, chicken skin chicharrones, and herb chili crisp, and Brambila will finish off the meal with a dish called the Wu-Tang Flan, made with coconut ube flan, miso caramel, beetroot meringue, candied orchids, berries, and an ube macaron, and a dish called C.R.E.A.M, made with lychee tres leches pandan chiffon cake with horchata buttercream, lychee caviar, rum, snow dust, and an almond honey tuile.

Performances will also run the gamut, with stand-up comedy from three local comedians, live painting, cello, a Wu-Tang trivia and hot-sauce eating competition, breakdancing, and hip-hop music sets. There will also be a Wu-Tang-themed escape room that reveals the menu for the evening.

“Whatever you’re into, you’re going to have a good time,” Suntha says. “There’s just so much going on that there’s something for everybody.”

For a peak at some of the dishes, drinks, and performances at the dinner, swing by the South Lake Union Saturday Market this weekend for a pop-up that will offer a sneak preview.