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One of Seattle’s Best Ramen Shops Expands to Fremont

Ooink’s ramen stands out for breaking norms and drawing on culinary influences from around Asia

A bowl of ramen with a spicy-looking red tonkotsu broth.
Oiink, a popular Capitol Hill ramen shop, has opened a new location in Fremont

Ooink, a Capitol Hill ramen shop that’s one of Seattle’s top destinations for the dish, is now serving its signature pork bone broth ramen at a new location on Stone Way North in Fremont.

While there are many traditional Japanese ramen shops in Seattle, Ooink’s owner, Chong Boon Ooi, stands out for breaking norms and drawing culinary influences from around Asia, with dishes like the Sichuan-inspired mala ramen, along with the more traditional shoyu and shio options. The restaurant also serves all of its ramen options as kits that are meant to be cooked at home (while this process takes a bit longer than simply reheating the broth, the texture of the noodles is much better). The restaurant’s name, a play on the restaurant owner’s name, is reflected in the many pork-heavy dishes on the menu.

Ooink’s Capitol Hill location, which is located in a small space above the Harvard Market QFC, wowed the Seattle dining scene when it originally opened in 2016; back then, Seattle Times restaurant critic Bethany Jean Clement wrote a story titled: “Find the best bowl of ramen you’ve ever had at Seattle’s Ooink.

Ooi originally comes from Malaysia, and the restaurant also serves spicy ayam goreng (Malaysian fried chicken), a spicy chicken sandwich, and Shanghai-style yang chun noodles.

Ooink’s Fremont location is located at 3630 Stone Way North. It’s open 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday through Monday.