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Seattle Restaurant Week Has Revealed Its Initial Lineup

Prix fixe menu enjoyers are gonna have a blast

A table full of Korean food dishes
Revel is one of the many restaurants partcipating in Seattle Restaurant week
Rachel Yang / Revel
Harry Cheadle is the editor of Eater Seattle.

This year has been a weird one for Seattle Restaurant Week. Normally the event happens in both the spring and fall, but in March SRW announced it would be cancelling its spring event, supposedly in order to focus on the fall edition. So it’s been a longer-than-expected wait for area restaurant hounds, but the Seattle Restaurant Week website is now updating with information about participating restaurants as we head toward the October 22 to November 4 event. (That’s more like two weeks, for those keeping score at home.)

As usual, participating restaurants are offering prix fixe meals that sometimes include their regular menu items and sometimes include one-off specials. Prices range from $20 to $65, and often there are good deals that give diners a chance to sample the food at high-end restaurants at, like, medium-end cost.

There’s a preview event happening this Saturday, October 7, at the Collective in South Lake Union, which includes food from some of the big SRW names like Willmott’s Ghost, Mamnoon, and Revel among others. Tickets are $125, or $225 if you want access to a bunch of “VIP experiences.” More information and tickets can be found here.

But most people who go out to eat for SRW are probably just looking for one or two special meals. The SRW website lets you sort through restaurants by neighborhood, type of cuisine, price point, even ownership if you are looking to dine at (for example) a Black- or woman-owned restaurant. Not every restaurant that will be involved in SRW is on the site yet, and not all of them have menus uploaded, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Downtown Japanese restaurant Aburiya Bento House reopened last month following the tragic death of one its owners earlier this year. It will be open for both lunch and dinner during SRW.
  • The Infatuation noted that the Russian Wallingford spot Korochka Tavern has a terrific dinner meal for the budget-minded: $35 gets you a dinner for two featuring dumplings and piroshky along with a pickle plate, and for $15 more you get two cocktails.
  • Along similar lines, Willmott’s Ghost, the Halloween-appropriate restaurant from Renee Erickson inside the Amazon Spheres, is offering a $50 lunch that is intended for two — that’s a great opportunity to try the cut-your-own Roman-style pizza Willmott’s specializes in. And if you feel like taking the afternoon off from work (how European) they also serve cocktails like spritzes and negronis.
  • Nue in Capitol Hill has a kitchen-sink menu that features cuisine from all over the world, so this format really plays to its strengths — you can start off with a Danish tarteletter (a small savory tart), move on to Sri Lankan curry, and have South African malva pudding for dessert. That’s three continents for $35.
  • Most restaurants have a pretty limited selection of dishes for SRW, but there are exceptions. Nirmal’s, the outstanding Indian restaurant in Pioneer Square, gives diners 17 entrees to choose from — more than half of them vegetarian — on its expansive $50 dinner menu.

For the updated list of restaurants participating in Seattle Restaurant Week, visit the official website. SRW will run October 22 to November 4.